Marcel Miller



los angles & new york city
light brown
standard german (native), english (fluent)
vocals, piano, accordion (30 years) drums, standard- and modern
dance, several sports, martial arts (kung fu, boxing, kickboxing, muay thai), sailing, canoeing shooting (full-fledged shooter, sniper, trained on most weapons) equestrian; dressage & show jumping (30 years)
A, B, M
Winner "Golden Orange" (Antalya), "Machulski Feature Film Award" (Warsaw),
"Human Rights Film Award" (Munich), "Minghella Film Award" (Wight), "Best Fiction Film Award" (Istanbul) and 5 Nominations with "Journey of no Return", Winner "Best Narrative Film" (Chicago), "Best Film International" (Paso Robles), "Best Foreign Film", (Long Island), "Tinny Award" (Swansea Bay) and 19 Nominations with "Appassionata"

weekly regular class "Meissner Technique" with Mike Bernardin & Wolfgang Wimmer, Berlin 2008-2012), UCLA (film acting class, drama school for Film und Television, Cologne,workshop, camera acting with Nick Dong-Sik and Tom Dokupil, speech coaching with Johannes-K. Prill, several workshop with director Othmar Hitzelberger and several others.
film (selection)
The Rebels of PT-218 "WT" (filming)

Rocco Bakatzoo (filming)


Blow Cut

The Suffering

Made in California

A fighting Man

Broken Field

God's servant Sally

Screen Test

Not Afraid

Journey Of No Return



Torture by Hope

Revista Rossa




Yin Yang

Dating Vietnam

Modern Stalking

5th of December

Much Ado

De Profundis

Schlag auf Schlag

Klaus (supporting)

Condor Entertainment
Max (co-lead)

Raging Bull Pictures, Dir.: Mikel Caprice
Josh (co-lead)
10in2 Productions Inc., Dir.: Brett Chamberlain
Nim (lead)
After Life Pictures LLC., Dir.: Bryon Dormandy
Sam (lead)
Networxx Film, Dir.: Sebastian Mattukat
Jakub (lead)
Networxx Film, Dir.: Søren Olavson
Buck (lead)
Networxx Film, Dir.: Søren Olavson
Field (lead)
East Hollywood Prod., Dir.: Jeffrey Morin
Rob (lead)
Filmarr Productions, Dir.: Axel Hartwig
John Smith (lead)
Fictional Pictures. New York, Dir.: James Oakley
Tom (lead)
Alpaca Films, Dir.: Sebastian Mattukat
Martin (supporting lead)
Prometheus Film, Dir.: Güclü Yaman
Kyle Andrew (supporting)
mpool Production, Dir.: Ulas Inan Inaç
King Nithart (lead)
wfw Filmproduction, Dir.: Wolfgang Wünsch
Doctor Kruger (supporting)
MEB Entertainment LLC, Dir.: Marc Schaumburg
Rouven (lead)
Dark Clouds Prod., Dir.: Dreyer-Winkkelmann
Sergey (lead)
RIOT Film, Dir.: Mirko Echghi-Ghamsari
Janosch (lead)
Troubled Four Films, Dir.: Marc Schaumburg
Rosenberg (supporting)
MEB Entertainment LLC, Dir.: Felix Kersting
Mo (lead)
Borgetto FIlm GmbH, Dir.: Gabriel Borgetto
Martin Tenstedt (lead)
Lifetime Entertainment, Dir.: Harald Holzenleiter
Tom (lead)
Macromedia GmbH, Dir.: Thomas Niessner
Chris (supporting)
Silverline Prod. Inc., Dir.: Elmar Weihsmann
Sam (lead)
Academy Ludwigsburg, Dir.: Jan Raiber
Jan (lead)
FrischeFischeFilm GmbH, Dir.: Majahr Tehrani
Michael (lead)
Kölner Filmhaus e.V., Dir.: Dominik Berg
tv (mow)
Le Mystère (film)

There is Kalle (series)

The upshot (film)

Turkish for Beginners (series)

Confession (film)

Puthuni hambagiya (film)

Filip (lead)
ARTE, Dir.: Jean-Teddy Filippe
Kilian Fromm (episode lead)
ZDF, Dir.: Bodo Schwarz
Peter (lead)
SR, Dir.: Tim Klein
Ulf Steinkempf (supporting)
ARD, Dir.: several
Antonio di Marco (lead)
WDR, Dir.: Christian Bartrow
Paul (supporting)
TV Sri Lanka, Dir.: Ranjith Kuruppu
Romeo & Juliet reloaded

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Don Juan, or the Love of Geometry

Romeo (lead)

Cologne Stage Night, Dir.: Tom Dokopil
Demetrius (lead)
Theater Celle, Director: Manfred Kleinschmidt
Don Juan (lead)
Theater Celle, Dir.: Peter Augustin
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